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"We had extensive damage in our home due to an overflowing bathtub. After one cleanup crew said we were ready, 310Handyman advised us to check for mold. We called in an expert who found the mold and did more demolition.  
~ Joan S., Bel Air

"Every time something breaks I call 310Handyman. They've fixed my kitchen cabinets, table and step stool, my bed, front door and several windows, as well as unclogged my drains and re-attached everything from toilet paper holders to towel hooks. I've entrusted them with anything from drywall and painting to weather-stripping and electrical work. 
~ Jeanne B., Santa Monica

"They fixed a propane fire pit that we had just assembled that did not work. The company that manufactured it was difficult to get in touch with and we just wanted it to work.
~ Michele C., Santa Monica
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No matter what your maintenance issue is, 310Handyman has a tradesman for it. From the simplest repair to the most difficult, we've got you covered with a RELIABLE, top-notch, insured workman or crew. From paint to plumbing, drywall to electrical, and everything in between, 310Handyman has it covered. 

In fact, we guarantee if your call or email request is not returned within 24 hours, and/or your workman shows up late, your first hour is FREE!!!

So why have a generic "800" guy when you can have a 310Handyman? 

310Handyman, LLC...your ONE SOURCE for reliable, upscale, affordable, residential and commercial maintenance!! 
Your home or workplace needs repairs. You've gone on the other "lists" and made numerous calls trying to get someone to come out, or even return your call, to no avail. 

At 310Handyman that's no problem.
Now your property can be maintained by the same craftsmen who maintain properties in:
Your ONE SOURCE for upscale, yet affordable, residential and commercial maintenance!!

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